R & D Services & Solutions:

Capabilities and Experience:

MP Automation Designing (8/16/32 bit Microcontroller’s) Schematics, PCB designing (Single & Multilayer) for own projects. VB, .Net, JAVA, VC++ Based PC Application Software/ user Interfaces to embedded Equipments, Database/Attendance systems, Data-logging / LAN Software, WEB Development Hardware Testing Solutions / Automatic Testing Jigs. Consultancy for ongoing projects. Re-engineering to correct flaws or to optimize existing designs Miniaturization of Designs.

What we do...

Our design and development services for embedded systems and stand-alone devices have given our customers major advantages in terms of time and cost-to-market. Our solutions involve rapid prototyping, reduced development time and most importantly extreme optimization within hardware constraints.
Our expertise spans across building embedded applications over a wide range of real-time operating systems (RTOS), porting or adapting RTOS to suit embedded applications, writing device drivers, firmware development, development of middleware software components (HTTP Servers, SNMP agents, etc.) and implementation of protocol stacks (TCP/IP, Frame Relay).
Projects are under execution cover different phases in the life cycle with a diverse range of geographically dispersed clients. These projects are executed keeping in mind high quality standards. The team members have a high level of technical expertise with various technologies and have the capability to handle a wide variety of problems in this area.

  • We have a very good team of Engineers for R&D having vast experience in the field of Embedded Hardware and Software and experience in the field of control engineering. We have expertise in designing various Micros-Controllers Technique based systems and Analogue, Digital, Communications control.
  • We have experience in designing Embedded Ethernet Automation, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Wireless Automation (2.4GHz & Zigbee) and Process Control Automation.
  • Web based embedded applications.

R&D Services:

Turnkey Projects-Total Solutions

When we undertake complete turnkey projects, we put our R&D services in to full use. Here is a list that gives you an idea of certain turnkey projects that we have completed.

MP Automation ideally suited to not only supply the Automation Controls but also enables to configure electronics, mechanics, and software to individual process requirements. We perceive this ability to be one of our key strength and desire to strongly enhance our ability to provide configuration and adaptability in our core engineering competencies.