Who we are???

About the Company

MP Automation was formed in the year 1997 with a clear goal of designing Embedded Industrial Automation products. The idea was to launch unique concept of feature rich Automation products, which caters many system integrators and control panel builders. We always adopt the latest technology available with new Micro-Controllers so that the product becomes feature rich, reliable and ensures availability for long life.

We are Embedded Automation Products design & manufacturing company in the field of network based data acquisition and control systems. We also provide a complete turnkey solution on designing an embedded system as per the requirements.

Why choose MP Automation

You (our customer) & their exact automation needs / requirements are the centre of all our Operations and Products. Our focus is to provide you feature rich technology that can enhance you product features. Here is why you should choose us to service you.

  • We have a very competent R&D team; Comprising Engineers with valuable experience in the field of Embedded Hardware and Software, as also in the field of control engineering.
  • We have best of expertise in designing various Micro-Controllers Technique based systems and Analogue, Digital, Communications control.
  • We have experience in designing Embedded Ethernet Automation, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Wireless Automation (2.4GHz & Zigbee) and Process Control Automation.
  • And, last but not the least; we focus on ‘you’ to bring you the most optimised products possible.